The easter bunny’s WHAT?!

easterbunnyThe easter bunny’s WHAT?! Library barcode placement fails. (The answer in the case of the easter bunny is “assistant,” and it’s a skunk.) Here’s another fail. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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“Check It Out” Taylor Swift parody

The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library is responsible for this video. Thanks, Dina Wood!

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Yoda in a medieval manuscript!

yodaBritish Library curator Julian Harrison found an illustration of a creature who is clearly Yoda in a medieval French manuscript. According to the Onion’s A.V. Club, Harrison “says it’s obviously not Yoda, just a thing that looks like Yoda, but we think he’s just covering up for the fact that Yoda’s existence in medieval France throws everything we know about history into disarray.” Thanks, Steve Lawson!

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little surprises at the library

University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The text with this image is “There’s a guy at my University who goes by the name, Kush Jenkins, that leaves people weed in the library.” Thanks, Steve Lawson!

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Feminist Library on Wheels

flowThe Feminist Library on Wheels (F.L.O.W.) in Los Angeles, CA lends books from bicycles. Yes they do! The collection is cataloged with LibraryThing and they are accepting donations of books and money. They have a handy wishlist online. Thanks, Bust Magazine!

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card catalog card art

20150306_cardcatalogart_53Minnesota Public Radio has an article on cool stuff people are doing with old card catalog cards. Look at these beautiful things Vickie Moore and Stephanie Duimstra are making. Just look at ’em! Thanks, Jennifer Resnick!

March 12, 2015 at 11:00 am 3 comments

Archie Comics library story

librariancoverBetty & Veronica Friends issue 2014, published in 2011, includes “Librarians on the Loose,” in which Betty takes a job at her local library. Sexual harasser and all around general prick Reggie teases Betty about libraries being boring…


librarianreggie1librarianreggie2…but she discovers the International Society of Librarians and naturally is soon embroiled in international political espionage.

librariansecretpassageBest moment: a member of the ISL explains that the society does all it can to perpetuate the stereotype that librarians are boring.

librarianstereotypePlease note: the International Society of Librarians is not to be confused with The Library Society of the Worldor is it?

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