card catalog card art

20150306_cardcatalogart_53Minnesota Public Radio has an article on cool stuff people are doing with old card catalog cards. Look at these beautiful things Vickie Moore and Stephanie Duimstra are making. Just look at ‘em! Thanks, Jennifer Resnick!

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Archie Comics library story

librariancoverBetty & Veronica Friends issue 2014, published in 2011, includes “Librarians on the Loose,” in which Betty takes a job at her local library. Sexual harasser and all around general prick Reggie teases Betty about libraries being boring…


librarianreggie1librarianreggie2…but she discovers the International Society of Librarians and naturally is soon embroiled in international political espionage.

librariansecretpassageBest moment: a member of the ISL explains that the society does all it can to perpetuate the stereotype that librarians are boring.

librarianstereotypePlease note: the International Society of Librarians is not to be confused with The Library Society of the Worldor is it?

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giant schooldesk sculpture

When he was a student at Colorado College in the early 1990s, artist Giles Thompson built this large schooldesk sculpture. It stood in the CC library until 1999, when the college donated it to the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. At some point after that, it was painted red, perhaps to protect it from outdoor conditions.

Giant chair-desk by Giles Thompson ca. 1992

Giant chair-desk by Giles Thompson, CC class of 1993, Tutt Library, ca. 1992. PP95-62 #68.

Library staff Jessie Brown and Rita Edgington in the giant chair, August 1993.

Library staff Jessie Brown and Rita Edgington in the giant chair, August 1993. PP95-62 #102.

"Necktie" event at Tutt Library, 1994. Schooldesk in background.

“Necktie” event at Tutt Library, 1994. Schooldesk in background. PP 95-62 #110.

Sculpture in Manitou Springs, date uncertain. At some point after 1999 the chair was painted red. Photo from the Manitou Springs Arts Council.

Sculpture in Manitou Springs, date uncertain. Photo from the Manitou Springs Arts Council.

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short film made in and around Tutt Library

This is quite lovely! Congratulations to director Chauncey Crail and the rest of his Colorado College team (Corrina Leatherwood, Caitlin Taber, James Dinneen, Dylan Pearl, Holly Pretsky, and Alec Sarche, plus many more).

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Montana libraries get looms!

loomThree libraries in the ImagineIF library system in Montana are now offering patrons the opportunity to try weaving on a loom. As Helen Carter Bergner put it on Facebook, “libraries are getting 3D printers … why not looms?” I agree! If we’re going to offer maker spaces and technologies, let’s offer all kinds! Thanks, Anna Bendiksen.

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Sham Journal Accepts Totally Absurd But Completely Appropriate Paper

mailinglistI love that this happened. It’s not exactly a library shenanigan, but it’s library-related. Well done, David Mazi√®res and Eddie Kohler! They submitted a sham paper (full of swears!) to a sham journal in 2005 to make a point (and make a lot of people laugh).

Recently, another scholar,¬†Peter Vamplew, sent the same sham paper to a different sham journal and received an acceptance (contingent on receipt of $150). The journal even sent a sham “reviewer report,” re-posted in full at Scholarly Open Access. Apparently, the sham paper is “excellent”!

Thanks, Steve Lawson and io9 (from whom I stole the headline).

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funny library play for kids

sears_SM“Bobby Lucelee: A Very Silly Play for Kids” is available in PDF format here from author, playwright, and cartoonist Jonathan Caws-Elwitt. It calls for six actors and is, indeed, quite silly.


Sample dialog:

BARRY: Who’s Bobby Lucelee?

LIBRARIAN A-M: Well, duh, that’s what we’re all trying to find out!

LIBRARIAN N-Z: Psst . . . librarians aren’t supposed to say “duh”.
(Librarian A-M shushes Librarian N-Z.)

LIBRARIAN N-Z (To the audience): Who can think of some ways to find out who Bobby Lucelee is?
(Ad lib as audience members make suggestions.)

BARRY (To Librarians): Where are the books on stamp collecting? I need to get started on my homework.

CHRIS: Stamp collecting? I thought the assignment was on Italian cooking.

LIBRARIAN A-M: I thought it was on Bobby Lucelee.


Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, and I hope anyone who performs the play will send a video to Library Shenanigans!

(p.s., I know the cartoon illustration has nothing to do with libraries or the play, but I loved it so much I couldn’t resist using it.)

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