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Somehow I neglected to blog this when I first heard about it in 2016. Not 100% sure this is real, or which Campbell Elementary School is responsible (there are several in the U.S.). Thanks, Rachel Woodward!

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Anti-Prom — No Snakes

The Pflugerville Public Library in Texas accidentally enticed people to their anti-prom by promising there would be snakes instead of snacks, requiring them to release additional enticements stating the opposite. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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“It’s for later.”

The Mitchell and Webb Situation,episode 4, 2001: At the Library

Thanks, John!

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crossword puzzle shenanigan

memoAccording to a recent NHM tweet, staff at the Natural History branch of the British Museum were apparently helping too many people with crossword puzzles in the 1930s and had to be told to stop.

Thanks, Steve Lawson!


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invisible books on display

funny-library9“Sad and Useless” recently posted twenty terrific library shenanigans, some of which have already appeared here. New ones include: the invisible book display (pictured), Batman Returns His Books to the Library, Books for Tall People, and more. Thanks, Bruce Bentzman!

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Twitter duck battle

duck“Museums around the world are sending each other solicited duck pics …┬áThe world may be a hellscape of pain and suffering but museums trying to outdo each other with pictures of ducks makes it a little more tolerable.” I agree. Thanks, Suzie DeGrasse!

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library prank at Gallaudet University

The Gallaudet University Library Deaf Collections & Archives shared these photos on Facebook November 29, 2018, saying: “Throwback Thursday: The Library Prank. On a January morning in 1940, students and faculty discovered that pranksters had entered the library in College Hall (now the President’s Office) during the night and turned all the books around so their spines faced the wall. The stunt must have required multiple people, since there were too many books for one person to do alone. However, despite rumors over the years, no one ever came forward and admitted they were the ones behind this prank — and since it was almost 80 years ago, the original pranksters have probably taken the secret with them. The first photo shows the library as it was initially discovered, with all the books reversed and several students and faculty milling around. The second and third photos show students who were enlisted to clean up the mess and put the books back in proper order.”


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