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Thanks, Netanel Ganin and the Facebook group Troublesome Catalogers and Magical Metadata Fairies.

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Flight of the Conchords plays a gig at a public library in New York City (“The Tough Brets,” Flight of the Conchords, Season 2, Episode 3). We find out at the subsequent band meeting that there were some complaints at the library about their loudness.

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“roots libraries” diagram poem

rootslibrariesNow and then I myself perpetrate a library shenanigan. I’ve been making a lot of diagram poems lately, using images from old library books and other things. Ohio Edit recently published my “roots” series, which includes a diagram showing my library roots. (It also includes one for my book roots.) The illustration is from: William Austin Cannon. The Root Habits of Desert Plants. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute, 1911 (full text available from Google Books). If you’d like to make a similar diagram poem showing your own library roots, email me the image ( and I’ll collect them in a separate post.

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weddings in libraries

bookstoreWeddings in libraries, bookstores, and other bookish places. I suppose it’s not really a shenanigan if the library makes money by hosting weddings — but it might feel like a shenanigan to the brides and grooms and their guests! I wish BuzzFeed had found some photos of same-sex weddings in libraries, though. They do happen.

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way, way overdue books

OldLibraryBooksweb_01Many libraries have stories of overdue books being returned decades after they were borrowed. Portland State recently received a book 52 years overdue. This beats Colorado College’s figures: in 2005, we received books 25 and 45 years overdue. (See the full story in the Winter 2006 issue of the library newsletter.) But we’re nowhere near the record: 221 years. The perpetrator? George Washington. I kid you not. See the full story here.

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kitty cat pulls prank on monks

catpawsSometime in the year 1445 (probably), a cat stepped in black ink and made paw prints in this Croatian manuscript. I wonder what the scribe (likely a monk) said when he (likely a he) found these marks. My guess is that it involved a few swear words. Thanks, Ross Gresham!

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Fake Library Statistics

fakelibrarystatisticsWe all need some fake library statistics now and then, and Fake Library Statistics on Facebook provides. Did you know that 75% of librarians wish they could drive a pickle car? Thanks, Marianne Aldrich!

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