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happy Halloween from Truro!

pumpkinThe Truro Public Library in Truro, Massachusetts may be responsible for this excellent jack-o-lantern. Thanks, Esau Katz!

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ghost books

ghostbooksNot sure where or when this photo was taken, but with Halloween coming up it seems apropos. Thanks, Emily Lloyd!

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“roots libraries” diagram poem

rootslibrariesNow and then I myself perpetrate a library shenanigan. I’ve been making a lot of diagram poems lately, using images from old library books and other things. Ohio Edit recently published my “roots” series, which includes a diagram showing my library roots. (It also includes one for my book roots.) The illustration is from: William Austin Cannon. The Root Habits of Desert Plants. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute, 1911 (full text available from Google Books). If you’d like to make a similar diagram poem showing your own library roots, email me the image ( and I’ll collect them in a separate post.

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US/Canada sports rivalry … library vs. library

bookpileThe Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Blue Jays are facing off in the American League Championship Series, so Libraries in Kansas City, Toronto are waging a Twitter war using photographs of books. (It’s kind of like this, but with baseball.) Thanks, Joan Petit!

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book drop shenanigans

bookdropThese signs are genius. Location: Los Angeles Public Library (I’m not sure which branch, does anyone know?). Thanks, Gabriel Biel! No, not THAT Gabriel Biel, THIS Gabriel Biel.

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research library radio show

radioThe librarians at Georgia Tech have a rock ‘n’ roll radio show! It’s called “Lost in the Stacks.” Charlie¬†Bennett (Undergraduate Programming & Engagement Librarian) and Ameet Doshi (Director, Service Experience & Program Design) have been broadcasting music and library talk since 2010. Topics on the show have included Citizen Archiving, The DC Punk Archive, Our Little Free Library,¬†Beautiful Library Renovations, and Libraries as Inspirational Space.

Thanks, Daryll Stevens!

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libraries and zombies

brainsAlex Weiss, in her incisive Bustle piece “7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse,” cites “Maintaining Academic Library Services During the Zombie Apocalypse” by Sarah McHone-Chase and Lynne M. Thomas in Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies, ed. Robert Smith, University of Ottawa Press, 2011. You can read the chapter online at Google Books for free.

Thanks, Lynne M. Thomas!

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