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libraries and zombies

brainsAlex Weiss, in her incisive Bustle piece “7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse,” cites “Maintaining Academic Library Services During the Zombie Apocalypse” by Sarah McHone-Chase and Lynne M. Thomas in Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies, ed. Robert Smith, University of Ottawa Press, 2011. You can read the chapter online at Google Books for free.

Thanks, Lynne M. Thomas!

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Fake Library Statistics

fakelibrarystatisticsWe all need some fake library statistics now and then, and Fake Library Statistics on Facebook provides. Did you know that 75% of librarians wish they could drive a pickle car? Thanks, Marianne Aldrich!

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Librarian Rhapsody

rhapsodyThe librarians of Nowra in New South Wales, Australia perform a library-centric version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It begins “Is this nonfiction, is this just fantasy?” and ends “Libraries really matter … to me.” (Thanks, Feminist Library on Wheels!)

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Improbable Libraries and the Itinerant Librarian

improbableTIPL-homepgTwo shenanigans in one BBC radio program. An interview with Alex Johnson, author of Improbable Libraries, and Sara Wingate Gray, the Itinerant Poetry Librarian.

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lockers don’t just hold books, they are books

Ps_Book_lockers_01_mm_150818_16x9_992Two 8th grade teachers at a Mississippi school spearheaded an initiative to paint lockers to look like enormous book spines. I can’t believe this actually happened! I’m not sure I believe the statement in the article about the project increasing the “cool factor” of books, but I absolutely believe that the teachers “spent hours ‘arguing and fighting and crying’ over which book titles would go on the hallway’s 189 lockers.” I’m impressed that they put series books in order, next to each other — it’s like the lockers are organized library shelves. And now, apparently, students are compiling lists of how many of the locker books they’ve read. Awesome.

Thanks, Joan Petit, for letting me know about this.

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Forbes Library staff shenanigans

The staff of the Forbes Library in Northampton, Massachusetts have put together some shenaniganny videos:


Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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snogging dogs sculpture

dogsJanine Ashbless has kindly provided a photograph of this sculpture of “snoggin dogs” at the Leeds Central Library in England. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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