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for mature audiences only


I wish I knew more about this clever shenanigan. It’s clearly a “little free library” kind of library and appears to be located in a forest. Anybody know anything more?

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Make America Read Again!

a2f417a0-2f42-0134-0659-062f3a35be5fCleveland librarian John Harris is providing books outside of the Republican National Convention this week.

Thanks, Lynne Thomas!

Addendum from later the same day: here’s an image Janis Winn sent to the ALA Think Tank Facebook page, saying “Prepare to see a lot of this one, my library friends.” Thanks, Dina Wood !


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Indonesian upcycled library building


The Taman Bima Microlibrary in Bandung, Indonesia was built using upcycled plastic ice cream containers, possibly LuVe Litee brand, though I’m not sure. Thanks, Terry Kennedy!

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Welcome to the Toilet


Sarah Katherine Stengle snapped this photograph and put it on Facebook with the note “The sign on the door of the WC at the Art Museum in Jyväskylä Finland. The bathroom contained a library: loved it.

Thanks, Emily Lloyd!

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Love You to Bits library

loveyoutobits-walkthrough-09Love You to Bits is a charming iPad game in which you, a human, visit various alien worlds in search of the far-flung parts of your robot girlfriend. Level 9, The Quantic Library, has rooms that connect and disconnect in unpredictable ways. It also has a pair of creatures who love each other, magic wands, keys that grow out of pots … it’s a wonderful game.

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it’s bigger on the inside

IMG_20160403_130400546_HDRTARDIS-style public library outpost on 32nd Avenue and Stark Street, Portland, Oregon. More information here Thanks, David Kay!

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Le Boudoir in Brooklyn

To get into Le Boudoir, the cocktail bar of Chez Moi in Brooklyn Heights, you enter a “secret passage” via a bookshelf door. The door is, they say, a replica of a bookshelf in Marie Antoinette’s library, though the books upon it cannot be books she read — they are all in English, and published long after her death. Thanks, Brooklyn Blowback!

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