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two monks discover how tall women and horses are

monk1This is not exactly a library shenanigan, but since libraries are almost the only places you can see medieval manuscript books, I included it anyway. Two monks discover how tall women and horses are, and also how wars work and how to fit someone into a cauldron. Thanks, Lynne Marie Thomas!

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food truck is a book truck

Mexican publisher Fondo de Cultura Económica turned a food truck into a bookmobile and is traveling around California offering Spanish-language children’s books for sale. (An article refers to the truck as a “library,” but as far as I can tell, it is a commercial enterprise.) Thanks, Feminist Library on Wheels!

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lockers don’t just hold books, they are books

Ps_Book_lockers_01_mm_150818_16x9_992Two 8th grade teachers at a Mississippi school spearheaded an initiative to paint lockers to look like enormous book spines. I can’t believe this actually happened! I’m not sure I believe the statement in the article about the project increasing the “cool factor” of books, but I absolutely believe that the teachers “spent hours ‘arguing and fighting and crying’ over which book titles would go on the hallway’s 189 lockers.” I’m impressed that they put series books in order, next to each other — it’s like the lockers are organized library shelves. And now, apparently, students are compiling lists of how many of the locker books they’ve read. Awesome.

Thanks, Joan Petit, for letting me know about this.

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bookshelf quilt

tumblr_nmcefiXz5Q1sfyzcyo1_1280Patsy Nayback Gaylor made this quilt. The Reader’s Nook links to some helpful patterns and techniques so you can make your own. Thanks, Esau Katz!

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fun with encyclopedias, part 3

boobdickSome clever high school student has discovered that the spines of the World Book encyclopedia can be rearranged to spell out “Boob Dick.” (As you may recall, “Dork Bowl” is also a possibility.) Thanks, Steve Lawson!

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The easter bunny’s WHAT?!

easterbunnyThe easter bunny’s WHAT?! Library barcode placement fails. (The answer in the case of the easter bunny is “assistant,” and it’s a skunk.) Here’s another fail. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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Watch out! We’ve got some science over here!

watch-out-weve-got-some-science-over-hereHere’s a shenanigan that makes new use of the Neil deGrasse Tyson meme. Nobody seems to know what library did this, but perhaps a Library Shenanigans reader will recognize the ceiling or the rug? Thanks, Diane Westerfield, for calling this to my attention!

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