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books from the donation bin


“Weird Eddie” keeps track of unusual books donated to his library here.

I might try to make this:


Thanks, Suzie DeGrasse!

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cold? check out a book!

Yet another real-life meme, where it’s difficult to find the origin. The t-shirt is for sale here. Thanks, Daniel M. Shapiro!

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preparing for the big blizzard

mapThis map has been showing up all over Facebook and Twitter this week. I’m not sure who originally created it, but the earliest example I can find is a Facebook post from Peace Hill Press in Virginia. It’s also been shared by the Prince William Library and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virginia and by Riverhead Books in New York.

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book menorah

20151209_103237_resizedHanukkah began this past Sunday, and here at Colorado College we are celebrating with a menorah made out of bound volumes. (I’ve previously posted about Christmas trees made in similar ways.)

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15 people expected, 600 show up

jazzSometimes a library shenanigan is not exactly a shenanigan, but something subversive and wonderful. Not exactly against the rules, but against some people’s rules, and risky in some way.

On December 2 of this year, the Mount Horeb Public Library in Wisconsin hosted a reading of I Am Jazz, a picture book about a transgender child. The reading, originally scheduled to take place at a nearby elementary school where a student had recently transitioned from a boy to a girl, had been canceled after “Liberty Counsel,” a conservative Florida-based group, threatened legal action.

See the full story here.

Thanks, Lynne M. Thomas!

December 4, 2015 at 2:03 pm 1 comment

book fountain in Budapest

Isn’t this wonderful? More information here. I love the comment at Gizmodo saying “They should also make a magazine version that randomly fires jets of water in all directions, like those subscription cards that constantly fall out.” Thanks, Esau Katz!

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sexy librarian candle and more

il_570xN.860498812_hpbdThis candle is not a joke! It is real! You can buy it for $18 here. Frostbeard Studio also sells “old books” scented candles. I don’t know how either kind actually smells. If you know, tell us in the comments. Also available: sprays etc. and another candle. Thanks, Diane Westerfield!

November 24, 2015 at 10:47 am 1 comment

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