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Le Boudoir in Brooklyn

To get into Le Boudoir, the cocktail bar of Chez Moi in Brooklyn Heights, you enter a “secret passage” via a bookshelf door. The door is, they say, a replica of a bookshelf in Marie Antoinette’s library, though the books upon it cannot be books she read — they are all in English, and published long after her death. Thanks, Brooklyn Blowback!

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subway libraries

wide-shot-subway-libraryI recently learned of several projects involving reading on subways.

In the United States in 2016, a Miami-based ad company created an “underground library” on New York City subways, providing excerpts from ebooks and encouraging the use of the New York Public Library. Here’s a brief video about the project. Swipe for a free read!

Perhaps the company was inspired by something similar in 2013 in Romania : accessible ebooks on the walls of the Piata Victoriei subway station in Bucharest.

Also in 2013, a London “creative” organized a project she calls Books on the Underground, leaving books (regular books, not ebooks) all over the stations and trains. She documents the project here.


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library shenanigans, 1893-style

Craig Conley of oneletterwords sends me these images from the 1893 issue of Cassell’s Family Magazine:


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library bars


Click the image to read about eight library bars, or bar libraries, in the U.S. and England. I wonder if anyone ever reads any of the books. Probably not in the bar pictured here, since it doesn’t look like the books are removable. Thanks, Kathleen Kirk!

Addendum, February 19: more library bars in London here. Thanks, Diane Westerfield!

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books from the donation bin


“Weird Eddie” keeps track of unusual books donated to his library here.

I might try to make this:


Thanks, Suzie DeGrasse!

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cold? check out a book!

Yet another real-life meme, where it’s difficult to find the origin. The t-shirt is for sale here. Thanks, Daniel M. Shapiro!

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preparing for the big blizzard

mapThis map has been showing up all over Facebook and Twitter this week. I’m not sure who originally created it, but the earliest example I can find is a Facebook post from Peace Hill Press in Virginia. It’s also been shared by the Prince William Library and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virginia and by Riverhead Books in New York.

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