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Anti-Prom — No Snakes

The Pflugerville Public Library in Texas accidentally enticed people to their anti-prom by promising there would be snakes instead of snacks, requiring them to release additional enticements stating the opposite. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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invisible books on display

funny-library9“Sad and Useless” recently posted twenty terrific library shenanigans, some of which have already appeared here. New ones include: the invisible book display (pictured), Batman Returns His Books to the Library, Books for Tall People, and more. Thanks, Bruce Bentzman!

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Starr Lackawanna’s namesake!

starr-lackawanna-button-librarian-225-button-by-cafepress      slatronica

Oh mah gahd, Starr Lackawanna, the librarian who appears in Daniel Pinkwater’s novels The Artsy-Smartsy Club and Looking for Bobowicz, is based on a real person, Starr LaTronica, currently of Brattleboro, Vermont! Which, come to think of it, totally sounds like a place in a Pinkwater book, alongside Hoboken and Hogboro.

Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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poems by library machines


Book-return machines in libraries in England are spitting out poem-receipts. Electric Lit has lots of terrific examples. Thanks, Kathy Randall and AARP Magazine!

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with creepy kid

googlyThe Alexandria-Monroe Public Library in Indiana says: “We’d like to remind patrons to not attach googley eyes to books. It can cause damage to the cover and in this case haunt our nightmares for all eternity. Thank you. — with Creepy Kid.”

Thanks, Sarah Milteer!



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Librarians need a seaside rest home!

According to Livia Gershon’s article “Being a Victorian Librarian Was Oh-So-Dangerous,” Melvil Dewey “predicted that female librarians would have trouble doing the job because of poor health.” Indeed, at the turn of the last century the Brooklyn Public Library Association proposed a “seaside rest home” for broken-down librarians.

When Diane Westerfield forwarded this article to me, I responded that maybe Dewey had the idea that librarians might suffer from nervous exhaustion or whatever because he was sexually harassing them and perhaps there was some emotional fallout from that. Diane then found this hair-raising portrait of Dewey available at Find-A-Grave. The look in his eyes! Yike!


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no dogs, drunks, or smallpox


The Hyde Institute Library in Barnet Vale, Hertfordshire, England had some strict rules for its patrons.

Citation for the original is uncertain. According to the Bodleian Library, the source may be a 1930 issue of the Nottingham PostA slightly different version of these rules may have appeared in the May 2, 1930 issue of the Western Gazette. Yet another version appeared on page 11 of the May 29, 1930 issue of the Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser.

Thanks, Woody Guth3!

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