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“It’s for later.”

The Mitchell and Webb Situation,episode 4, 2001: At the Library

Thanks, John!

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Starr Lackawanna’s namesake!

starr-lackawanna-button-librarian-225-button-by-cafepress      slatronica

Oh mah gahd, Starr Lackawanna, the librarian who appears in Daniel Pinkwater’s novels The Artsy-Smartsy Club and Looking for Bobowicz, is based on a real person, Starr LaTronica, currently of Brattleboro, Vermont! Which, come to think of it, totally sounds like a place in a Pinkwater book, alongside Hoboken and Hogboro.

Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!

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Doctor Strange library shenanigan

Doctor Strange steals a bunch of forbidden books from the library in the (fictional) city of Kamar- Taj while Wong, the librarian, listens to Beyonce. (Strange, teasing Wong for using only one name, has recommended he listen to that artist; he’s also mentioned Bono, Adele, and others.)

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Game of Thrones library shenanigan

Not so much a shenanigan as an inaccuracy, and also not so much a shenanigan as a hellish montage of bedpans, shit, and gagging…

On the premiere episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, Samwell Tarly is a lowly book-reshelver and bedpan-emptier in the Maesters’  medieval-style library with chains on the shelves. Nice work, GoT, except your chains are completely non-functional, as this article explains.

Of course, if GoT had shown the chains doing their jobs — keeping the books secured to their shelves — then Sam wouldn’t have had any reshelving to do (and we would’ve had to witness even more bedpan-emptying, which, honestly, would’ve killed me). And more important (spoiler alert), he wouldn’t have had any chance of stealing a book out of the Citadel library and thereby, perhaps, saving everybody in the Seven Kingdoms from certain death at the hands of the White Walkers.

This PBS video shows functioning book chains.

Thanks, Lynne M. Thomas!

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shushing already-quiet people

Um … I’m sorry, everybody. But I had to include this as a library shenanigan. It’s actually like twelve different shenanigans piled together.

Thanks, Marianne Aldrich!

December 16, 2016 at 11:45 am 2 comments

excellent literary prank (even if it’s fake)

Video made by Generic Theater in Virginia in 2011. As this explanatory article says, “Why it’s gone viral four years after the play stopped running is anyone’s guess! The Internet is a strange place.” Thanks, Emily Lloyd!

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Love You to Bits library

loveyoutobits-walkthrough-09Love You to Bits is a charming iPad game in which you, a human, visit various alien worlds in search of the far-flung parts of your robot girlfriend. Level 9, The Quantic Library, has rooms that connect and disconnect in unpredictable ways. It also has a pair of creatures who love each other, magic wands, keys that grow out of pots … it’s a wonderful game.

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