Ona Simaite, brave librarian

holocaustmuseumAccording to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, this librarian performed truly courageous library shenanigans during WWII:

ONA SIMAITE (1899-1970), Lithuania

Ona Simaite, a librarian at Vilna University, used her position to aid and rescue Jews in the Vilna ghetto. Entering the ghetto under the pretext of recovering library books from Jewish university students, she smuggled in food and other provisions and smuggled out literary and historical documents. In 1944, the Nazis arrested and tortured Simaite. She was then deported to Dachau and later transferred to a concentration camp in southern France. She remained in France following her liberation.

Photo credit: Yad Vashem photo archives.

Thanks, Dina Wood and the USHMM Facebook page!

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Lena Dunham student film at the Oberlin library

Lena Dunham’s student film “Pressure,” filmed in the Oberlin library when she was 19 (so, about 2005). I don’t know if she got permission to film in the library. I’m guessing not.

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loud eating in the library

I must confess, this one made me laugh out loud, somewhat against my will. Seeing someone take big bites out of a head of lettuce would probably be funny in any context, but it’s especially funny in a library.

We think this may have been filmed at UCCS, which suggests that the pranksters could make Colorado College their next pranking site. Not sure if that makes me happy or worried. Thanks, Steve Lawson!

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did you mean goddesses for biscuit?


Damn You Auto Suggest brings together outlandish “did you mean…” responses from library catalogs. Send them a screen shot! But I doubt you can beat “did you mean goddesses for biscuit?”. Thanks, Steve Lawson!

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Rupert Giles’s library school classes

giles-300x225If you’ve been looking for a list of library school classes that prepare you for being a Watcher to a Slayer, look no further. Thanks, Shanon Lawson!

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amazing library cake

library cakeKathy Knaus made this cake for someone called Sarah. I await further information and will share it if I get it. Thanks, Tabitha Dial!

Addendum, August 21: see the cake-creator’s comments, below.

August 15, 2014 at 2:33 pm 5 comments

card catalog shenanigan

I have categories for library shenanigans perpetrated by students, staff, and animals. This one is perpetrated by ghosts. It’s the New York Public Library card catalog frenzy in Ghostbusters.

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