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moral support during finals

20151210_095034_resizedHere at Tutt Library, Colorado College, we’re giving students back some of their leftover energy from the first part of the school year, when they arrived full of enthusiasm and excitement for their studies. Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, for the idea!

Other libraries provide similar moral support during finals:

pulltagsKellie Meehlhause uploaded this photo to the ALA Think Tank Facebook page, and others followed up. Thanks, Anna Bendiksen!

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book menorah

20151209_103237_resizedHanukkah began this past Sunday, and here at Colorado College we are celebrating with a menorah made out of bound volumes. (I’ve previously posted about Christmas trees made in similar ways.)

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room-naming shenanigan

Colorado College’s Tutt Library will begin a major renovation in the summer of 2016, and the college will of course provide naming rights to high-level donors. For now, though, we notice that several spaces in the current building have acquired home-made honorifics. Suddenly this week we have rooms, nooks, corners, and even door knobs named for librarians both real and fictional: S. R. Ranganathan, Louise Kampf, Manly Ormes, Carol Dickerson, Melvil Dewey, Rupert Giles, and Starr Lackawanna.

No one has taken credit for this shenanigan. Perhaps several people are responsible? We look forward to seeing who else might be judged worthy of a naming opportunity. We expect that not all the names will belong to librarians. Perhaps I’ll name my office after Doctor Who companion Ramanadvoratrelundar, or Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn!

Addenda, November 18: B.R. Coad and E.J. Josey.

20151117_165628_resized 20151117_165735_resized

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way, way overdue books

OldLibraryBooksweb_01Many libraries have stories of overdue books being returned decades after they were borrowed. Portland State recently received a book 52 years overdue. This beats Colorado College’s figures: in 2005, we received books 25 and 45 years overdue. (See the full story in the Winter 2006 issue of the library newsletter.) But we’re nowhere near the record: 221 years. The perpetrator? George Washington. I kid you not. See the full story here.

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yarn-bombing at Tutt Library

yarnArchitects tell us that Tutt Library’s concrete columns are “good bones,” but we are often irked by how they blockade our interior spaces. This week, someone (student? staff? possibly a group effort?) decided to treat one of the columns to a rather impressive yarn bombing.

Also, hello new subscribers! A recent post brought many new subscribers to the blog. Anyone is welcome to let me know about shenanigans in libraries and bookstores: jessyrandall @ yahoo . com (without the spaces).

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missing issue yields a monster

20150917_093404_resizedAs you may or may not know, Cosmopolitan releases each year’s worth of issues so that if you stack them in order you’ll see a bare-chested man. The Colorado College stacks are usually missing an issue or two, which means that instead of a man, we get a monster. Thanks, Diane Westerfield!

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giant schooldesk sculpture

When he was a student at Colorado College in the early 1990s, artist Giles Thompson built this large schooldesk sculpture. It stood in the CC library until 1999, when the college donated it to the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. At some point after that, it was painted red, perhaps to protect it from outdoor conditions.

Giant chair-desk by Giles Thompson ca. 1992

Giant chair-desk by Giles Thompson, CC class of 1993, Tutt Library, ca. 1992. PP95-62 #68.

Library staff Jessie Brown and Rita Edgington in the giant chair, August 1993.

Library staff Jessie Brown and Rita Edgington in the giant chair, August 1993. PP95-62 #102.

"Necktie" event at Tutt Library, 1994. Schooldesk in background.

“Necktie” event at Tutt Library, 1994. Schooldesk in background. PP 95-62 #110.

Sculpture in Manitou Springs, date uncertain. At some point after 1999 the chair was painted red. Photo from the Manitou Springs Arts Council.

Sculpture in Manitou Springs, date uncertain. Photo from the Manitou Springs Arts Council.

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