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Hombre McSteez’s aug(de)mented reality

Hombre McSteez uses an unusual stop-motion technique to make wonderful short videos. Check out the library shenanigan at the 1:03 minute mark:

Thanks, Suzie DeGrasse!

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a quiet prostitute in the library

Handwritten-NoteLibraries provide a great many unofficial services we don’t learn about in library school. According to a recent news story, a woman in Nashua, New Hampshire has been arrested for solicitation in the Tewksbury Public Library. She and the undercover detective communicated using written notes so as not to disturb the library patrons. Yay?

The public comments on this story are predictably amusing. I’ll share a couple of non-public comments made to me:

“Was she on the library staff? I only ask because so many library workers find it necessary to supplement their incomes by taking on second jobs.”

“I get the impression that [college and university libraries] they are among the most favored places for assignations. However, with the increased use of motorized compact shelving I worry about unwary ‘patrons’ being crushed.”

Thanks, Megan Lewis!

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coded messages in library books

codednoteSomeone has been leaving coded messages inside books at the Weldon Library at Western University in Ontario, Canada. As of March 24, 2014, 18 notes have been found. Professor Mike Moffatt has images of all the notes at his blog, and a reward is offered to anyone who can crack the code.

Get to it, mystery decoders!

Thanks, BoingBoing.

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Behold the Diction-Fairy!

dictionfairyI reserve the right to claim any and all reference book shenanigans as library shenanigans. (As with so many images on the open web, the original source for this is unknown.) Thanks, BoingBoing!

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drawing shenanigan

cardinalNow and then, students at the Colorado College library get inspired to draw on the whiteboards that are in various locations in the building. We’re at the end of a block right now, a good time for creative shenanigans. (But then, is there ever a bad time for creative shenanigans?) My colleague Pam Willock found this drawing on the whiteboard on her door today. Thanks, whoever drew this, for giving us all a good feeling this morning. (Here’s a similar shenanigan from last year at another library.)

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grumpy cat meme goes analog


This drawing appeared anonymously in December 2013 on the whiteboard at Portland State University Library. Is this proof that the digital world is not going to replace the analog world, but rather exist alongside, intertwined? I think yes.

Thanks, Joan Petit!

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flying a drone around the NYPL

If I’d been in charge of this oddly beautiful shenanigan, I would have started at 2:02 and then circled around to the beginning after we see the drone. Thanks, Dina Wood!

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lost ancient art of librarian miniaturization

Book1BoingBoing’s no-text post showing this image is titled “Fragmentary evidence of the lost ancient art of librarian¬†miniaturization,” which counts as a shenanigan, I think.

The image is all over the internet, sometimes with a citation to the¬†Archives of Prague Castle. [UPDATE, November 14: I've just received an email from Martin Halata, head archivist at Prague Castle, who tells me the photograph is not from their archives.] It’s even got lolz versions in Czech [I found these a few days ago but now I can't find them anymore and it's driving me crazy].

I used Google’s nifty image search mechanism to discover that — as far as I can tell — this image first appeared on the internet on April 22, 2013, at Lost and Found in Prague. The photographer is M. Peterka and the date is unknown. [Some versions of the image appear with a date of ca. 1940; some say the person in the picture is a man; others say it is a woman.]

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not my favorite shenanigan.

eggCirculation staff at Colorado College’s Tutt Library have found a couple of decorated hard-boiled eggs on bookshelves in our stacks. We’re not sure who’s behind this, or how long it’s been going on, and you know we’re all for library shenanigans in general, but this one has some potentially yucky consequences down the line. We humbly request: if you want to hide eggs in the library, could you maybe use plastic eggs, or blown eggs, or, you know, any kind of non-smelly, non-messy egg-like items instead?

Thanks, Marianne Aldrich, for the photo.

October 22, 2013 at 11:52 am 1 comment

Best “shh” ever? Twerking at the library

“Caramel Kitten” twerks at a bookdrop and inside a library. (She twerks at a lot of other everyday places, too.). A little bit NSFW, depending where you W. Her “shh” at 0:21 made me laugh. Thanks, BoingBoing!

Addendum, October 10, 2013: More library twerking, this time at the Brooklyn Public Library. Thanks, Brooklyn Blowback!

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