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Plushies available for borrowing

plushiesAs a block 7 stress-buster, Rebecca Harner had the idea to lend out “study buddies” in the Colorado College library this week. The experiment was a huge success, with stuffed animals keeping students company at desks and tables all over the building.


Addendum, April 16:


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it’s dangerous to google Solo

soloDebra Westwood uploaded this image to the ALA Think Tank Facebook page stating “Spotted on a bulletin board at University of Miami Hamilton.” The original source may be “theseeleyg” at the Mudd Library of Lawrence University. Thanks, Diane Westerfield!

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check out this therapy dog — literally!

cooper The Countway Library of Harvard Medical School lends out a therapy dog named Cooper to those with the proper ID. From the library catalog record for Cooper: “1 dog (Shih Tzu) : dark brown, ash, and white hair, 15 lbs. ; 39 cm long. Notes: Should you have a good cry or even feign a whimper near Coop, you are guaranteed to get lots of kisses.”

catsMeanwhile, at the Kennedy Library of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, cats are sometimes made available as a stressbusting treat.

Thanks, Joan Petit!

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forts in the library, Monday and Tuesday

IM002271The entire Colorado College community is invited to build blanket forts in Tutt Library today, Monday March 31, and tomorrow, Tuesday April 1, and that’s no April Fool, though this whole fort idea may indeed be foolish. We’ve provided some supplies (i.e. blankets) in the main lobby, and you’re welcome to bring your own. Perhaps you will study better in a fort! Let’s find out! (Send photos, if you like, to

ADDENDUM: photos by Pam Willock, Jon Driscoll, and Eleanor Nesbit:



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400 robotic books form a honeycomb sculpture

honeycombTo celebrate 400 years of the Bristol Central Library, animatronics company Rusty Squid (with artists, engineers, and designers) built this amazing moving, creaking honeycomb hive sculpture out of four hundred hardback books. Andrew Cox, a librarian at the BCL, says: “We embrace the digital but we all still love books and the book hive is a wonderful blend of art and engineering, reminding us of the intrinsic beauty and love affair we have with books as tangible items.” Watch the video for the full effect. Thanks, Alicia Bailey of Abecedarian Gallery!

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no Nazgul in the library, please

takeishutdoorLibrary unknown. Thanks, George Takei!

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Emily Lloyd’s Cards Against Librarianship

lloydEmily Lloyd’s Shelf Check blog comic is a constant source of excellent library shenanigans. Her latest: “sneak previews” of a fill-in-the-blanks game called Cards Against Librarianship. Is the game imaginary? I don’t know. Probably. But she had me at LeVar Burton being stuffed into the book drop, and now I have the Reading Rainbow theme song stuck in my head. (Have you heard Jimmy Fallon’s Doors version?) Here are the Cards Against Librarianship previews one, two, and three.

UPDATE January 21, 2014: the game is real, and you can download your decks here. I want to play!

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U of Maryland library holiday video

“The Carol of Final Exams” from the University of Maryland library. Sometimes it’s okay to cry in public. Thanks, CC library Facebook page!

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library slides

columbialibraryslideThe Paris Review gives us this incredible view of the enormous slide used to move books from one building to another at Columbia University in 1934. (A similar slide was used at Colorado College in the great book move of 1962.) Click the image to see other, less enormous, more fun library slides. Thanks, Brooklyn Blowback!

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Russian library cat wears bow tie, is cute

enhanced-buzz-16370-1379440241-0As Ryan Broderick of Buzzfeed puts it: “Oh My God, There’s A Cat In Russia That Wears A Bow Tie And Works As A Librarian. The world is a beautiful place.”

Thanks, Kathleen Kirk (and others, but Kathleen was first).

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